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I grow impatient at the length of your exordium.

The saddest thing that I'd ever seen were smokers outside the hospital doors.

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I am your typical liberal arts college student.
I had an Obama picture on here before I realized it compromised my journalistic integrity.


I enjoy BBC America when it doesn't edit my programs for the sake of American Puritanism.
I am insulted by the fact that American networks insist on "Americanizing" British TV shows.
Andrew Jackson is the source of all the problems of the American political system.
I attempt to belie your attempts at optimism, but sometimes I find myself falling into your subtle traps.
(Dammit, Pixar!)
I have been called a romantic, but sadly this view on life does not entitle one to an actual romance.
(Except with life, but I fear that, for me, that relationship is unrequited.)


And in real life I'm not as boring as this LJ. At least... I hope not. Because my LJ is pretty boring.

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